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digital garden | Dubai

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looking for social media company dubai, digital garden is here. we are the best advertising company in for digital marketing dubai & well-known among dubai advertising agencies.renown for dubai website design. ranked first for its fantastic web design services dubai.

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solid surface basin | Dubai

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solid surface basins is also made from same raw material as solid surface sinks. solid surface basin is also made from resin, ath, pigment and auxiliary agent. the extraordinary versatility of solid surface basins makes it the advisable choice for bathrooms. solid surface basins combine beauty, func

Solid Surface Sink - Prevista

solid surface sink | Dubai

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solid surface sink will make any interior decoration with unexpected elegance.solid surface sinks offer a large range of design to help the designers realize their creative visions and open their mind for design. solid surface sink is also one kinds of solid surface material, which made from resi

 Solid Surface Sheet - Prevista

solid surface sheet | Dubai

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acrylic solid surface sheet made from acrylic resin, ath, pigment and auxiliary agent, which allows the acrylic solid surface sheet looks like natural stone with beautiful color or veins, but it is more anti-bacterial, heat resistance, chemical resistance, non-radioactive, easier maintenance, non-ab

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quartz stone | Dubai

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quartz stone is made of 93% nature quartz with resin, pigment and auxiliary agent. quartz crystal is one of the most hardest material in nature, which make the quartz stone to be with excellent hardness and not easy to be scratch by sharp articles. different from solid surface sheet/material, hig

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apartments designers dubai | Dubai

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we are specialized in creation any kind of interior environments from residential to commercial, from retail to industrial from low scale projects to high end finishes. we are the interior design as per the requirement of the client and as per the target market they are looking forward and as per t


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