CLIMAX Service Centre Dubai 971547393716

Location DUBAI, Dubai
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We are a full-service residential and commercial appliance repair company providing a wide variety of services throughout the entire Dubai and Sharjah and Abu Dhabi area. Our Services Very quick and Quality of Work are best. Our Rates is Very cheap. We provide same day service. We Works With All Brands Repairing & Service With Honesty.
Call Now or WhatsApp Now # 0547393716
We Provide Services in the area of all major household appliances including
 Air Conditioning Units (All Types and Brands)
 Refrigerators
 Washing Machine/Dryers
 Refrigerator, Freezers, Fridge
 Commercial Cold Storage
 Dishwashers
 Oven/Ranges/Stoves (gas and electric)
 Microwave Ovens
 Water Heaters
 Painter, Painting, Paints
 Plumber, Plumbing, Plumbers
 Dispenser
 All other Home Appliances

Our services area in whole the UAE Our rate is very reliable and our highly Expert Technicians work is best in all over the Dubai. And we work with clients needs and requirements.
Our aim is gaining 100% customer satisfaction
Company Name: Oryx Technical Service L.L.C
Location: On One Call Distance
Call or WhatsApp Now # 054-7393716.

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