Thermal Paper Roll with Black Marks

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We supply custom preprinted POS paper rolls for all types of receipts include custom printed thermal paper roll with black marks, custom printed bond paper rolls.
Loaded into the ATM machine, ATM machine is the withdrawal records and charge paper, generally used to withdraw from the ATM printer to print out the transaction confirmation, this is the ATM print receipt, also known as ATM receipt.
ATM receipts require paper with good printability and high degree of preservation, strict requirements for printed black mark requirements
As the bank procedures are different, the logo is also different, so the bank’s ATM receipt is also very different, that is paper printing and black marks composed of paper, the paper can be different according to ATM machine have Bond paper and thermal paper ; according to the different machines, the width of the paper is generally between 70mm-100mm, paper roll diameter is generally between 50mm-300mm.
Depending on the type of machine, the core is different.
Thermal Paper Rolls 80mm and 75mm are the width of our the popular Cash register paper rolls . The popular quality of paper image can be keep in one or two years in dark and dry place.

Application: Bank,Securities ,Card service company .
We are exporting to many different Countries more than 5 years For example :
Middle East: Kuwait
Africa: Kenya,Cote d’Ivoire
Oceania: Australia
Europe: Italy,Austria
Asia: Singapore,Bangladesh
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